CINEMA PARK case study: how to launch a loyalty program for 40 cinemas all over Russia

The CINEMA PARK national network of cinemas is the industry leader and currently unites 40 modern cinemas (356 cinema halls) in 24 cities of Russia, including 20 IMAX super-halls and 9 super-halls 4DX. Annually CINEMA PARK network is visited by more than 18 million spectators.

In 2015, the company had a need to switch to a new loyalty program that could flexibly adjust and integrate with cash registers, website, mobile application and other channels of communication with users, which would ultimately lead to formation of stable customer loyalty to the national cinema network and consolidation of the leading positions in the market.

Based on the results of various systems’ analysis, CINEMA PARK has chosen bpm’online marketing software as an automation platform, and Samarasoft as a company already experienced not only in implementing marketing platforms on the territory of Russia, but having industry experience in automating loyalty programs.

In accordance with the goals set, a project was implemented to automate the full cycle of interaction with a user. A viewer is given a loyalty card of CINEMA PARK at the checkout, which earns points when buying movie tickets and food in cinema bars.These points can be used for payment in future transactions.

We have been very pleased to work with the CINEMA PARK, because this project allowed us not only to show our competence in building highly complex systems, but also to gain invaluable industry experience on interaction with a variety of cash software (editor’s note: there were used integration with Premiera UCS, R-Keeper 7, universal box office). Usually in such projects, the results are most appropriate to analyze in a few months, but already now it is possible to tell with confidence that implementation of the system has achieved the goals, and effectively configured processing subsystem allows now to serve online 40 cinemas, conducting thousands of transactions per day with peak loads before the movie shows and during the weekend” – said Aleksandr Svistunov, the Customer Success Director of Samarasoft.

The project included a lot of industry specific features: a specific issue of loyalty cards, a special product matrix of movie shows, special rules for spending bonuses at the box office bars, and much more. Now employees of the CINEMA PARK can independently customize marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness directly in the system.

Samarasoft will provide support and upgrade the system, as well as expand the functionality to customer interaction furthermore.