Samarasoft solutions allowed PROFCON company to efficiently solve its tasks on automation of docflow and task control.

PROFCON is one of the national leaders in supply of equipment and software for all types of laboratories – metrological, production, scientific, training, testing, certifying and calibration ones. At the moment the company is actively developing and covering the market in new directions.

Management team of PROFCON is making great efforts to go far ahead of the competitors in the market and to improve sales processes and performing task routines. The company actively creates the necessary infrastructure, regulates and optimizes business processes, is actively revising its CRM-system on the bpm’onlineplatform.

Along with the bpm’online sales enterprise base product, PROFCON uses several Samarasoft software products, such as:

docs on bpm‘online is used by employees participating in docflow processes, though task control and file x are used by all the employees.

“We have selected two additional modules from docs on bpm’online product set with the goal of providing our customers with the functionality they need, and it allows you to select the right functionality without overpaying for opportunities that are not used by a part of the employees. It was very interesting for us to learn how the colleagues from PROFCON are building their internal work with help of our software” — explains Natalia Novikova, a product owner of Samarasoft.

It is important to note that the client’s employees successfully customize the products to their needs in the process of using the system, which is possible due to availability of convenient tools for system customization.

“We need to streamline all activities of our employees, including Task Management with the ability to set tasks, control their implementation and time allocation.To optimize the workflow processes in the company, it was necessary to automate the task of negotiating documents. Now for different types of documents we have configured business processes that automatically build the chain of approvals. This significantly saves staff time and reduces the number of actions with paper copies of documents.We have not yet fully adapted the basic functionality of bpm’online to the needs of our enterprise, but we already have ’big’ plans.Most recently, we have installed a module to display long-running related tasks in the form of a Gantt Chart, and staff are waiting very much when we start using it” — shared his impressions Alexander Antoshuk, CRM-coordinator of PROFCON.