Creatio studio

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Key benefits


Leverage intelligent technologies that help users automate time-consuming operations


Take advantage of pre-built solutions for marketing, sales and service on top of the Creatio platform


Build apps and solutions faster with Creatio low-code development platform

Deployment options

Hosted in the cloud

Installed and operated from a customer’s in-house server and computing infrastructure


The system is available in two deployment options – Cloud and On-site



per user / month*
Cloud / On-site

*Additional Information

  1. The pricing of Creatio studio is indicated for monthly use of the software (including technical maintenance and updates to new versions).
  2. The system is available in two deployment options – Cloud and On-site.
  3. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is $3,000 spent for any Creatio products or vertical solutions. Purchase of add-ons, connectors, as well as support or training services is not counted as part of the minimum purchase volume
  4. Displayed pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) prescribed by law.
  1. The product requires an annual contract.
  2. An annual subscription assumes the period of 360 calendar days.
  3. The cost of Creatio studio implementation is calculated separately.
  4. Monthly subscription to Creatio studio Cloud includes all updates, technical support and 1 GB of storage space. Cost of additional 1 GB of storage space is $13 per year.
Service Cost
Data storage
Data volume that is stored in Creatio
1 Gb storage for each license is already included in the subscription. Cost of additional 1 GB of storage space is $13 per year.
Weekly DB backups
file that the client can independently download via ftp
The price is $800. Additional charge for space on disk storage, exceeding the volume included in the subscription.
(website copy, used for development and testing)
When purchasing over 20 licenses, a copy of the website (the sandbox) is provided for two users free of charge. When purchasing less than 20 users, a copy of the website (the sandbox) is provided according to the price list of the chosen product.
On-site development
Testing and development of the system updates on the company’s own server.
When purchasing 20+ licenses 2 licenses go free of charge.
Deployment on a dedicated server
The ability to deploy a system on a dedicated server, where other companies’ systems are not hosted. It enables a more flexible system configuration and customization.
The cost of service is calculated separately in accordance with required resources.