Docs 2.0. Automate docflow on bpm’online platform

April 25, 2018 is the official debut date of a new version of Docs 2.0 on bpm’online, an electronic document flow system. With regard to users’ feedback and preferences, we have completely redesigned the solution powered by an intelligent bpm’online platform, and now we are ready to demonstrate it at webinar.

Docs 2.0 includes ready docflow processes and performance discipline control processes, as well as a multitude of convenient tools that make the system operation easier.

Pre-configured home page helps to speed up executive decision-making, because all the necessary information is in the foreground now, so a user doesn’t have to switch from one section to another anymore. Multilevel analytics allows you to control your own tasks, activities of particular employees and of the company as a whole. Due to the enhanced interface, now you can work with documents and tasks much easier.

The renewed system has advanced capabilities for file processing (preview, file storage, file versions comparison, online editing), improved features for documents and contracts approval (configuring, creation from e-mail, history, communication channels, routing update), advanced task control block (new activities form, hierarchy displaying, Gantt chart representation, notifications of new and overdue tasks, including off-system). Docs 2.0 is powered by bpm’online studio, that is why it includes also business process management and case management, customization of the solution by user’s tools, and seamless integration with all bpm’online products.

You can be one of the first to assess the system capabilities, get familiar with its interface, and put questions to the developers at webinar, which will take place on April 25 at 11:00 a.m. by Moscow time. Click the link to sign up timely for the webinar.

More detailed description of the product, as well as its documentation, you can find at Samarasoft’s website.