Docs Creatio is an enterprise content management system powered by an intelligent Creatio platform. The solution is  designed to make complex workflow automation and performance discipline control, as well as to improve all business processes of a company. Rich interoperability opportunities and seamless integration with Creatio products permit the Creation of a unified IT ecosystem at the enterprise with minimal effort.

Master workflow processes for quick and efficient operation.

Document management

  • Document registration and record in the system
  • Document creation from e-mail
  • Document life tracking and archiving
  • Comfortable coordination and communication concerning documents​
  • Unified register for documents of different types
  • Soft segmentation of the document register
  • Documents and contracts approval
  • Possibility to start approval for external contractors from e-mail ​
  • Document execution control

Performance discipline control

  • Acceptance of a task into operation with one button only
  • Quick task assignment: to an employee or a group, slave tasks​
  • Task execution control: fixing of an expected result, check by a supervisor, return for rework​
  • Prolongation of a task upon request
  • Multilevel benchmark analytics: ready reports and convenient tools for analytics configuration​
  • Gantt chart representation for effective time management and resource planning
  • Logging of status changes and task prolongation

File storage and file management

  • File attachment​ preview
  • File attachment online​ editing
  • File versions storage
  • File versions comparison
  • Interaction history on files and documents​
  • Fixing of the main attachment and its current version in the document
  • Advanced features of file management in activities


Efficient operation with the system

  • Reconfigured user home page
  • Convenient navigation tools help a user to navigate a process
  • Conventional task filing separately by status and priority
  • Notifications of new and overdue tasks at special application Informer


Intelligent business process management platform

  • Business process management
  • Unstructured process (case) management
  • Customization of the solution by user’s tools
  • System designer understood by any user
  • Seamless integration with all Creatio products



Basic support package for Docs Full cloud, Docs Standard cloud and Docs Full on-site subscription is included to the license`s cost. Purchase support package for Docs Standard on-site and Docs Full On-Site (special offer for current Creatio users) is mandatory.

In case of On-Site location of the solution, Samarasoft shall provide upgrade packages for free. The upgrade shall be performed with the assistance of the developer (Terrasoft) for free.
In case of On-Demand location of the solution, the developer upgrades the client’s solution for free, though not ensuring the health of the project settings, if any.

Important notice: transfer of design modifications is not possible as part of free upgrade.

Compatibility with Creatio products

Docs Creatio is compatible with all products powered by Creatio. Docs Creatio is a standalone product based at Creatio studio. To install and use Docs Creatio, you don’t need another Creatio licenses.


Docs Standard Cloud/On-Site Subscription


1 user

Docs Full Cloud/On-Site Subscription


1 user / year



Product features

File preview and editing
File versions storage and comparison
Execution of resolutions on documents
Starting document approval process, and participation in approval process
Sending a document for review and getting resolution
Informer for Windows (App for notification about tasks directly on a desktop)
Task status highlighting
Document registration from scanner
Deadline prolongation
Task creation, task execution, task control
Representation of tasks in form of Gantt chart
Mobile app
Administrative tools (users, rights, etc.)
Document registration from e-mail
Business process customization, case customization, adding fields
Analytics settings

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law. The minimum annual purchase volume per customer is at least $5,000 spent for Creatio software and services.

Special offer for a full license for users of Creatio:

Docs Creatio Add-on cloud — $300 (1 user/year)