Workflow automation as a life-saving solution in a sea of paper documents. The experience of TT mobile.

Almost a year ago TT Mobile (tm Megafon Tajikistan) has completely abandoned the paperwork associated with contracts and bills. Docs on bpm’online product was selected for this task. As a result of workflow automation, the processes coordination speed has increased twofold in  average.

TT Mobile is a joint Russian-Tajik company established in 2001 due to active assistance of the Government and the Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Tajikistan. Over time, TT Mobile became not just one of the leaders among the telecom, but a company that largely determines the direction of the industry’s development. Currently, 98% of the country’s residents have access to MegaFon, and 75% have 3G Internet access. The operator has the largest sales and support network in the country.

Samarasoft team was chosen for this project implementation as the product developer and an experienced  system integrator.

Paper approval is a process of permanent transfer of documents between different offices, and that takes up a lot of time and often can be quite low-performing. Now all contracts of the company are coordinated only through the system. In my opinion, it is very simple and efficient method now” – comments Kristina Dobrynina, the project coordinator of TT mobile.

Under the project a full-fledged docflow was implemented, as well as a full range of budgeting functions, including:

  • Automation of processes of approval and signing of contracts
  • Creation of a budget tree for each financial period with possibility of details
  • Setting up possibility of affixing electronic seals
  • Adjust processes of approval contracts and report generation
  • Migrating data and processes from the previous system FinOnline
  • Implementation of complex approval routes.

Each initiator of a contract is interested in its quick approval for fast start-up. But convenient and reliable system will help to solve other business issues, too. When contracts are stored in one place, they cannot disappear without a trace, and you will need only a few clicks of the mouse to view a contract or history of its changes.” – says Galina Ivanova, the head of implementation consultants, Samarasoft.

After the first year of implementation, despite the large staff, regular system updates and adding features, there are no problems with operating the system: all the employees are familiar with the system. During this time more than 2 thousand of approvals were completed, of which 99.1% were of one cycle, more than 2.5 thousand contracts were approved.

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It is the implementation of the new system that has made it possible to increase the speed of contracts approval drastically. For example, take a standard contract, which usually does not cause any problems. Earlier, its approval took from 7 to 15 days due to unreasonable delays on the signatories’ part. Now, on average, such an agreement is signed from 4 to 6 days, not more. If it is a question of an additional agreement or a change in the details, time for approval of such a small document is no more than 3 days.

TT mobile has set up different approval routes. Accordingly, the more and bigger the contract is, the more complex its route. However, the existence of deadlines and alerts for supervisor about delays has disciplinary effect to users. The introduction of the latter mostly affected punctuality of employees.

During the period under review 33.5 thousand tasks for approval were created. About 58 thousand notifications in the system bar were shown, and almost 38 thousand notifications were sent by email.

This software has become a lifeline solution for all of us. This is a great assistant in our work with contracts. The results we have achieved are good for absolutely everyone. As for me as an employee of the department of contracts, this is also salvation, because, firstly, all deadlines are now respected, and secondly, all documents are stored electronically and can not be lost. “- adds Kristina Dobrynina.

Users training is very important part in the process of adapting to the new system. Some employees were trained on advanced functionality (rights setting, analytics, etc.) – subsequently, they started to transfer their knowledge to the colleagues.

Next step: budget control

TT mobile and Samarasoft are ready for development of budgeting functionality part. The system will control timing and amounts, as well as inform about potential and actual overruns on contracts in framework of budget.

About docs on bpm’online

Docs on bpm’online is a solution that allows users to track, register, approve and assign tasks for incoming and outgoing documents. In addition, it allows monitoring of performance, including tasks fulfillment, keeping records of rescheduling and delegation, creating subordinate tasks, alternative task fulfillment by a responsible person from a group. It also allows assigning of tasks to assistants, in case of absence of an accountable person, the system simplifies interaction between managers and subordinates, and allows to significantly increase work efficiency.