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Docs on creatio

Docs on creatio allows users to register, track, approve documents, assign and control task performance, simplifies the interaction between managers and subordinates and significantly increases the work efficiency. This solution involves work with document during its life cycle in company.

Docflow management

  • Document registration and tracking
  • Creating documents from email
  • Improved document page
  • Tracking document life cycle in the system
  • Set of fields on the document page depending on its type
  • Communication inside document card (also in business process)
  • Unified document registry
  • Flexible segmentation of document registry
  • Document and contract approval (also via business process)
  • Document page and attachment approval
  • Group approval
  • Start approval via email
  • Sending document to resolution
  • Document execution control
  • Document familiarization
  • Familiarization statistic
  • Pre-set document forms
  • Sending email with current document attachments
  • Document numeration setting
  • Digital archive (document package, dependent and connected document)
  • Pre-set docflow analysis

Task control

  • Improved activity card
  • Start task performance in 1 click
  • Fast task creating – to single employee, to group
  • Dependent task
  • Task performance control: fixing the expected result, check by controller, return for revision
  • Task deadline transfer by request
  • Multilevel reference analytics: ready-made reports and convenient tools for setting analytics
  • Gantt chart for planning resources
  • Activity status change and deadline transfer logging

Work with files

  • File preview
  • Online and offline file editing
  • File check-out for personal editing
  • File version storing and comparison
  • Scanning
  • File and document interactions history

Effective work in the system

  • Pre-configured user start page
  • Tasks conditional décor by statuses and priorities
  • New and expired tasks notifications via special application Informer for Windows


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