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Docs Full user main page

Home page is available for users with Docs Full License only.

In order to assign a page to be the home page, you need to select default value [Docflow] at [Default home page] system setting, then to fix read and edit permissions for users, and save the changes.

Home page consists of several blocks and contains:

  1. Buttons for quick activities creation and documents creation.
  2. [Execute] block, which displays activities assigned for the current user.
  3. [Check] block, which displays activities that have to be controlled by the current user.
  4. [Documents] block, which displays all documents, for which the current user has rights.
  5. [Task statistics] analytical block, which visually displays number of tasks in each status, as well as the scale with number of completed tasks for the current date.

After clicking at [Add a task] button, activity creation mini-form will be opened. After you fill in the form and save it in the System, a new activity will appear. So, you may create tasks from the home page.

Similarly, you can quickly create documents with [Add a document] button. After you fill in a mini-form and save it in the System, document creation dialog box will appear.

At task register in block 2, overdue tasks are highlighted in red.

Each user may customize displaying columns in blocks 2, 3, 4, that are necessary for him/her. To do that, make the following steps:

  1. Click at [Actions] button, and select [Columns Customization]
  2. Select the necessary columns to be displayed, and type of displaying.
  3. Customize columns and click at [Save].

Important notice. For more detailed information about column customization, read the Instruction

At analytical block 5, you can see number of tasks in a certain status. To do that, make the following steps:

  1. Click at histogram bar with the necessary task status.
  2. Click at [Show data].
  3. You may go back to the graph by clicking at ← button.
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