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Document page

Document page of Docs Full and Docs Standard licenses users consists of several blocks:

  1. Record’s profile.
  2. Tool bar.
  3. Document status display.
  4. Tab block.
  5. Feed.

Record’s profile (1) contains general information about a document:

  1. Number (number of a document in the System).
  2. Type (type of a document, for example, [Contract]).
  3. Content (short description of the document).
  4. Owner (name of a user responsible for the document).
  5. Contractor (a contractor, to which the document refers).
  6. Contact (a contact, to which the document refers).
  7. Date (date of the document addition to the System).
  8. Approval flag (the flagged document means the approved document).

Important notice. [Contractor] or [Contact] field shall be obligatorily filled in at the document’s form.

Tool bar (2) contains buttons for doing actions with the record:

  1. You can Save data, Cancel changes or Close the page using the relevant buttons.
  2. [Send for approval] button allows sending a document for approval.
  3. [Actions] button allows to change the document’s status (up-to-date document, archive document), to set up access rights and to subscribe for updates at the feed concerning the chosen record.
  4. [Tags] button allows assigning tags for convenience of search and grouping of records.

Document status display (3) allows you to see the document status at any moment.

Tab block (4) consists of different tabs that display detailed information on the record:

  1. [Attachments and notes] tab contains attachments and links added to the document’s form, as well as notes, containing additional information on the document.
  2. [Connections] tab contains the list of activities, emails, or other documents connected to the document.
  3. [Approval] tab contains information on the current document approval, as well as history of all approvals of this document.

Feed (5) displays messages published by users concerning the document.

Field set at the document’s page may vary depending on the document’s type.

For a document of [Contract] type, there is possibility to specify its sum, the contractor’s details, and valid dates, parent document.

New view of profile page for a document of [Contract] type

For a document of [Act] type, there is possibility to specify its valid dates and parent document.

New view of profile page for a document of [Act] type

If the document’s owner has been changed, this information is displayed at the document’s feed in the form of system message.

 Display of the document’s owner change


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