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Gantt chart

Gantt chart is made for convenience of visual representation of section and record details data. With this tool, creatio users could analyze graphically their project workload, as well as could plan and allocate resources.

The module also gives clear and actual manager’s workload, allows you to analyze duration of each sale process and other parameters that are graphically displayed on time scale.

Gantt chart representation is useful during making up and correcting delivery and payment schedules inside an order record. In general, this product assists in convenient planning and resource allocation.

The features are:

  • Ability to display each section in form of Gantt chart using all fields’ data;
  • Chart scaling;
  • Ability to move to related records from the chart using mini-forms and links;
  • Modification of tasks’ deadlines directly in the chart representation;
  • Hierarchical representation of related documents;
  • Chart representation according to the filtering configured.



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