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Users with Docs Full and Docs Standard Licenses may run scanning in Docs on creatio in 2 ways:
from the document’s mini-form
or from [Attachments and notes] tab.
In both cases Informer for Widows application shall be launched (refer to the Installation Instruction, i.e. the current user has specified his/her login, password and website at the application’s login window).

To upload the document’s scan, you need to make the following steps:
1. Click at [Load from scanner] button.
2. In the appeared scanning window of Informer for Windows application, select an available scanner and click at [Scan] button.

After scanning, you need to click [Upload] button. [.jpg] file will be added to the document’s form.
If you mark [Convert to PDF] in the logical field, the file will be added to the form in the specified format.

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