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File management

In the document’s page files are placed at [Attachments] tab. All capabilities of file management are available for users with Docs Full and Docs Standard licenses.

You can add a file to the document’s form in the following ways:

  1. To attach a file to the mini-form during creation of the document.
  2. If the document is created from email, all attachments of the letter will be added to the document.
  3. To attach a file by clicking at [Add a file] button at [Attachments] tab.

At [Attachments] tab, you can view files in the following representations:

  1. List representation (No. 2 at Figure. [Attachments] tab). In this representation you can view all records at the tab in the form of record list. In this representation you can open files for preview, editing.
  2. Tile representation (No. 3 at Figure. [Attachments] tab). Is used to represent files and links at the tab in the form of icons. Visual appearance of icons varies based on file extension.

In a document’s form, a primary file is always opened for preview, given that it is present at the document, and preview function is available for it. The primary file is flagged (No. 4 at Figure. [Attachments] tab), and is always displayed first in the list.

Important notice. Preview function is available for files with the following extensions: jpeg, png, pdf, docx

Important notice. If a document’s form contains files, but neither of them is a primary file, then the file, which was added to the System the earliest, will be opened for preview, given that preview function is available for it.

A document may contain only one primary file. A file may be assigned to be primary/secondary by clicking at [Actions] button (No. 1 at Figure. [Attachments] tab) at [Attachments] tab, and by selecting the relevant item from the drop-down list:

  1. [Make it secondary], if the file is primary already.
  2. [Make it primary], if the file is not primary.

Also by clicking at [Actions] button, you can do the following actions:

  1. [Add a link] to the document’s form.
  2. [Delete] file from the document’s form.
  3. [Select several records], for example, to delete several files at once.

You can open a file for preview by clicking at [+] button, and close it by clicking at [-] button.

Important notice. You can open for preview only one file at once. If you open the second file, the first file will be closed automatically.

At [Attachments] tab the following columns are displayed for files:
Name (file name),
Version (the major file version),
Creation date (date and time, when the file was added to the System),
Created by (user, who has added the file).


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