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Setting up the rights on the server

To configure the rights for a folder to store files on the server, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Connect to the server on which the creatio application is deployed.
  2. Change to the directory specified in the system settings [Storage file folder on server].
  3. Right-click the desired folder and select [Properties]

    Figure 9 – Folder properties

  4. In the folder settings window, click the [Security] tab. Select [IIS-IUSRS] in the upper list of the user and verify that for him the permission in the lower rights list is set in front of the read and write operations.

    Figure 10 – Setting rights

    Note. If the specified user is not in the list, you must add it by clicking on the [Edit] button. In the window, click the [Add] button. In the window that opens, enter the IIS user name, and click on the [Check Names] button or Enter. The required user will be automatically found.

    After clicking the [OK] button, the user will be added to the list.

    Figure 11 – Adding IIS user

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