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Setting up file storage structure

For OneDrive and Google Drive cloud services, you can customize the file directory structure. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the [Storage structure]
  2. Add an entry to the directory, indicating the field values:
  • [Section] – the name of the creatio section for which the storage structure is configured
  • [Name] – the name of the folder of the first level of grouping in the directory corresponding to the name of the section for which we set the structure, is filled with an arbitrary value
  • [Level 2] and [Level 3] are the column names of the section object in the creatio database that define the second and third levels of nesting, respectively

After completing the settings, when exporting to the cloud service, the files will be added to the directory in accordance with the settings


*For the correct formation of the structure, the column name must be specified in the same way as it is recorded in the database

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