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SMS Sender for Creatio

SMS Sender allows you to build a full-fledged relationship with the customers leveraging the maximum of the SMS channel capabilities. Using SMS Sender for Creatio you can promptly inform your customer about all your sales, marketing campaign etc. SMS sending is executed from Creatio interface. SMS Sender for Creatio is compatible with all products on Creatio platform (version 7.9 and up).

  • Massive SMS bulks. One-time sending SMS to several recipients in one click;
  • SMS templates. To prepare massive SMS bulk quicker and easier use SMS template.
  • Adding segment audience. Send upi SMS bulk only to necessary target audience;
  • Using short number/text sender name. Send your SMS on behalf of your company or from short number to increase efficiency of your bulk;
  • Delivery statistic. Analyze your SMS bulk results to increase efficiency of or marketing campaign;
  • Use SMS template. Add to SMS bulk ready-to-use message templates.
  • Test message sending. Send test SMS to check your message template settings.
  • Trigger bulks. Start sending SMS bulk when necessary condition performed.


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