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How to install SMS Sender for creatio

To start using SMS Sender for creatio, it`s necessary to install product package in creatio.


Install via user interface is supported by creatio 7.10 and higher.

Before installation, you must download the archives of the current packages PTSMSSender.gz at ftp://ftp.samarasoft.ru/_products/sms_sender/7.9/.

Figure 1 – SMS Sender package on ftp


When the file of the package is downloaded again, the browser adds the copy number to the end of the file name. For example, PTSMSSender (2).gz. Before installing the package, it is recommended to delete the added symbols and bring the name to the PTSMSSender.gz.

Open the system designer, click the [Package installation] link.

Figure 2 – Package installation

On the [Package installation] page click the [Select file] button, specify the path to the archive with the package and perform the installation.

Figure 3 – Installation file choosing


Package setup takes a few minutes.

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