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How to create massive SMS bulk

To add new SMS bulk you need:

  1. Move to [SMS bulks] and press [Add bulk].

    Figure 17 – [SMS bulks] section

  2. On bulk page fill columns:
    • [Name] – SMS bulk title, where necessary to mentions template title (for example, “Template for marketing campaign (April)”.
    • [Owner] – automatically filled with current user name.
    • [Provider] – SMS-provider.
    • [Sender name] – sender name, bought from SMS provider. In case one paid sender name, it appears automatically.

      Figure 18 – [SMS bulk] editing page

  3. Put the text or fill [Message text] from template:
    • Press [Choose from template].
    • In opened window select necessary template.
    • Press [Select].Thus, in [Message text] will be uploaded text from chosen SMS template.

      During filling [Message text] you can put macros to personalize your SMS (see How to add macros).

      System displays message length and number of SMS, which will be sent when bulk will start.

      Figure 19 – SMS template selection

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