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How to find SMS bulks statistic

Right away after start sending you can analyze sending process using SMS sending diagram.

On diagram you can see % of messages with statuses specified below:

  • [Sent to provider] – % of messages with status [Sent to provider], messages which were sent to recipient via provider’s equipment.
  • [Rejected by provider] – % of messages with status [Rejected by provider], messages which couldn’t be sent to recipient due to error in phone number for example.
  • [Delivered] – % of messages with status [Delivered], messages successfully get by recipient.
  • [SMS forbidden] – in contact record mentioned “Do not send SMS” so SMS sending is forbidden
  • [Phone is empty] – SMS delivery failed due to empty phone column in contact`s record.On [Bulk totals] tub you can find unique bulk response index.

    Information is represented in different marks.

    For each mark you can see relative and absolute value. % of [Delivered], [Sent to provider], [Rejected by provider] counts per total sent messages. Marks are updated dynamically. 

    Figure 26 – SMS sending diagram and totals

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