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How to send SMS from action panel

To send SMS move to section page, wait for action panel module loads, press . After that SMS sending module will be opened:

Figure 30 – SMS sending module

SMS sending module description:

  • [Contact] – field to select MSS recipient. Value by default – current page [Contact] value (for example in opportunity, where Peter Jones mentioned as contact person, if you start SMS from this record Peter Jones will be recipient;
  • [Phone] – field to select contact phone SMS recipient. Value by default – Mobile phone of contact, you can select any phone for this contact;
  • [Provider] – field to select SMS provider, responsible for this sms sending. Value by default set up in По умолчанию поле заполнено значением системной настройки [Default SMS provider for action panel] system setting. For selection available all providers from [SMS providers] section;
  • [Sender name] – field to select SMS sender name. Filled by default if for mentioned provider available just one sender name. If there several sender name for this provider, you could select one of them.                                              After filling all field press [Send] after that SMS sending process starts and you`ll get SMS sending notification:

    Figure 31 – SMS sending notification

    As result of these actions, target contact will get SMS:

    Figure 32 – SMS

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