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SMS provider paramemeters setting

During sending SMS are sent to SMS provider`s server, then – to SMS Center of Mobile operator, who deliver the message to final recipients.

Before sending you need to set up SMS provider parameters. Also besides connection parameters you can set up sender name or short number for increasing message openings by recipients.

For SMS provider set up you need:

  1. Move to [SMS providers] section on [SMS Sender] workspace.

    Figure 11 – SMS provider setting page

  2. On SMS provider editing page fill [Name] – Provider`s name (obligatory), and [Active] – attribute which determines: do you use this provider or not. Next fields you fill per that information which you requested from your provider or in you provider’s profile:[Server URL] – SMPP-server address, connecting which you will send SMS
    • [Port] – SMPP-server port.
    • [Login] – client login.
    • [Password] – client password.
    • [Throttling] – max number of messages per second according to agreement with SMS provider.
  3. Put in field group [SMPP Settings] these values (you can get them from your provider):
    • [Version] – SMPP protocol version.
    • [System Type] – sending protocol type.
    • [NPI] – Number plan indicator.
    • [TON] – number type.
    • [Encoding] – Sending SMS encoding.
  4. Put on detail [Sender name] list of names which you bought. this value will be mentioned as sender name in your SMS. If there is no special name agreed, in field “Sender name” in SMS will be default value.When you saving SMS provider`s page system automatically check connection. If connection successful, you get notification[Status connection: open]. If there any errors, you will get notification [Status connection: closed].

    Figure 12 – Server SMPP connection error

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