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How to set up workspace

To add new or edit existing workspace use workspace editing page.

To add new workspace press button [New user workspace].

Figure 4 – Adding new workspace

For editing existing workspace pick it in list and press [Open].

Figure 5 – Workspace editing

Workspace editing page opens.

Figure 6 – Workspace editing page

On [Section] detail using instrument panel you can setup list of sections, from with workspace consists of.

To add SMS Sender for creatio sections to existing workspace you need:

  1. Press [Add] button, list of choosing sections will open.

    Figure 7 – Adding new sections to workspace

  2. Select sections [SMS providers] и [SMS bulks], press [ Select]. Mentioned sections will be added to current workspace.

    Figure 8 – Selecting sections for workspace

  3. Log in again. Selected sections will display in mentioned workspace.
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