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Important notice. Functionality of package installation through the application interface is carried out in bpm’online 7.11 version and above.

Prior to installation you shall download archives of updated packages at ftp://ftp.samarasoft.ru/_products/task_control2/7.10/

Figure 1 – Task Control FTP packages

Important notice. While re-downloading package file, the browser adds a copy number to the end of file name. For example, Samarasoft.TaskControl(2).gz. Prior to package installation, we recommend to delete the added symbols and put the file name to the form: Samarasoft.TaskControl.gz

For package installation, please go to the System Designer and choose [Installed applications].

Figure 2 – Package installation

At [Installed applications] page click at [ADD APPLICATION] button, then choose “Install from file” and specify path to the package archive, then complete setup.

Figure 3 – Setup file selection

Important notice. Package installation takes about 10 minutes.

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