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Task Control for bpm’online OVERVIEW

Task Control improves the efficiency and ensures transparency of tasks execution intra-company. The solution is aimed at tasks structuring and ensuring its timely performance. Additionally, the product’s two new modules – Gantt Chart and Change log for bpm’online – help to capture all changes, to analyze a certain employee’s workload, to plan and allocate resources. Current performance          discipline analytics allows a manager to observe an aggregate picture of employees’ efficiency and labor efforts.

The product’s features are:

  • Activities form with indicator of current working stage;
  • Recording of the expected result for a task;
  • Task control;
  • Hierarchical representation of tasks at the list;
  • Group tasks;
  • Task assignment for a functional role;
  • Child tasks;
  • Closed tasks displaying at the list and at the Child tasks tab;
  • Calendar for all organizational structure elements;
  • Performance discipline analytics;
  • Gantt Chart for activities;
  • Change log.


For timely notification of users about new tasks and for reminders for the tasks with expiring deadline, a special application was designed – Informer for Windows, which helps the performers to meet deadlines, as well as helps the manager to exercise control even with the browser closed.

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