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Activities control

Using control function, you will be able to improve quality of task performance by means of fixing an additional responsible person.

For using the control function you should:

  1. Go to [ACTIVITIES] section and open the needed task
  2. Specify at [Controller] field an employee, who will make task acceptance
  3. After making all changes, click [SAVE] button

    Figure 7 – Creation of activity with a controller

    Then an employee that received task with a controller shall carry out work on the assigned activity. Upon completion, he shall change the activity status to “Completed” and specify the result details. Due to the employee’s actions, progress bar with activity status will be colored orange.

    Figure 8 – Employee’s completion of work on the activity

    Then the Controller will examine the task execution for accuracy. If the task was done correctly, the Controller will complete it (by clicking at “Confirm status” button), and progress bar with activity status will be colored green, and the activity itself will be completed. Otherwise, he will write a comment and return the task to the Owner for rework (“Return to work” button).

    Figure 9 – Activity page at the Controller’s, after the work completion by the Owner

    Figure 10 – The Controller has confirmed the task completion

    Figure 11 –The task is returned to the work by the Controller

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