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Child tasks

With possibility to create child tasks, you can decompose large tasks, thereby improving quality and speed of their performance.

To create a child task:

  1. Move to [Activities] section and open the needed task.
  2. Click [General information] tab, then [Activities] tab, click at [+] button.
  3. In the mini-form opened fill the necessary options of the child task
  4. After making all changes, click [SAVE] button

    Figure 12 – [Activities] tab in [General information]

    Figure 13 – Mini-form for creation of a child activity

    Figure 14 – Child activities at the tab

    If during creation of the activity “Close on child close” checkbox was filled, then upon completion of all child activities the parent activity would be completed automatically. Also if the parent activity is cancelled, then all the child activities would be cancelled.

    Hierarchical displaying of tasks is available at the list. The example of hierarchical displaying is presented at Figure 15.

    Figure 15 – Hierarchy of tasks at the list

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