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Performance discipline analytics

The package includes pre-configured analytics for activities. At “MY STATISTICS” tab you can see analytics for the current user (for the user, whose name is used to log on the system this time). So, each employee can see his/her own statistics on the tasks: top 10 tasks with expiring deadline; top 10 overdue tasks; number of tasks in progress, completed, controlled, overdue (all statistics for the current month); scale with number of tasks performed at the current day.

Figure 20 – [MY STATISTICS] tab in Analytics

Figure 21 – “MY STATISTICS” tab in Analytics

At “CONTROLLING THE EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE DISCIPLINE” tab a manager can see analytics on employees’ performance of tasks (total number of tasks, number of tasks in progress, number of overdue tasks, number of completed tasks). Also “Tasks for the year” are visually represented (total number of tasks, completed and overdue tasks); that allows analyzing organizational performance.


For “CONTROLLING THE EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE DISCIPLINE” tab you should set up access rights, in order to give access rights to the manager only. You can do it just at analytics page, by clicking at  button. You should select “Set up access rights” from the dropdown list. After that you should set up rights at “Access rights settings” page.

Figure 23 – Access rights settings at “CONTROLLING THE EMPLOYEES PERFORMANCE DISCIPLINE” tab in Analytics

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