Information search will be faster with Full-text search for bpm’online

We would like to present you our new product – a tool for full-text search called Full-text search for bpm’online.

Full-text search for bpm’online allows searching by file attachments’ content for each section of bpm’online system, where the full-text search flag is activated. The solution allows significant time-saving while searching for relevant information, because the user can quickly find any files containing the required text in the system, along with global search by attributes.


  • Full-text search customization by file attachments at any section
  • Search capability by a certain language from the list of available languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Russian, Ukrainian)
  • Search capability by txt files, pdf text files, MS Office files
  • Possibility to remove some words from the search
  • Search results sorting
  • Moving to the system’s record from the search results.

For more detailed description of the product, follow this link.