One step ahead of the business rivals – the first results of marketing programs automation in Brandtone Russia

Samarasoft has completed implementation of bpm’online marketing and advanced features complex for Brandtone Russia.

The main task of Brandtone when choosing CRM platform was creation of a product that would help to carry out global marketing programs with innovative tools, as well as to ‘drive’ the market, to be a lot ahead of the business rivals.

Platform choice and evaluation of the results

Based on the market analisys, we have chosen bpm’online marketing platform, as it is a flexible and powerful system that helps to obtain results and functionality of any kind.  Samarasoft was chosen for the project implementation as a company with solid experience at system implementation in fields of marketing and loyalty programs. In less than a year from the beginning of work the first tangible results were obtained.


I am very impressed by the results that we managed to achieve in a very short period of time. We managed to do such enormous amount of work together, that is too much for another companies to do even in 2 years. — Alexander Ragozin, General Director of Brandtone Russia

As a result of implementation, the active contact database has increased several-fodes, while data have been enriched with questionnaire results, and continue to increase by 200 thousand new contacts every month.

Business functionality

The starting point of the created system is a unique user profile containing all collected information about him/her, and his/her participation in different campaigns. The system has a questionnaire feature, and no special skills are required for working with it, as it is performed with the designer.

At Brandtone Russia project Brandtone’s huge experience at global marketing has been successfully combined with Samarasoft’s experience of large IT implementation management. Such combination has enabled Brandtone not only to cut over to a new platform in a very short time without any functional loss, but also to level up marketing management of Brandtone’s FMCG clients. Currently, the implementation team has been enlarged, so now we are ready for both increase in number of users and entry into a worldwide market. — says Aleksandr Svistunov, Customer Success Director of Samarasoft.

Users receive points for surveys completion and another activities, and may exchange them for prizes or digital certificates to various shops, also they receive direct transfers to a participant’s mobile account. Calculation and charging are made automatically, while the mechanism itself provides permanent involvement of users and promotion of brand loyalty.

One of the largest subsystems has become interworking unit between Brandtone Russia and its customers. Samarasoft has delivered the full range of digital communications: bulk, trigger and incoming SMS, USSD queries, outgoing IVR-calls, direct PUSH notifications. Email sending was set up, as well as integration with the mobile application was made.

Plans for development

Brandtone management enthusiastically comments the results of the project first stage, because all the changes were done within a short time and seamlessly for the system users.

We are currently evaluating the relationship with Samarasoft to understand how we can apply this to our markets. We are experiencing a lot this weekend learning how you guys are working with the multiple partners across Russia. Well, we’d like to do that and see how you can bring that to our markets across Latin America, South Africa and Southeast Asia. — Karen Waters, Head of Global CRM Brandtone

Don’t miss the video interview with General Director of Brandtone Russia and Head of Global CRM Brandtone in Dublin about the reasons for choice of bpm’online and Samarasoft as a partner, and about evaluation of the current project implementation results.

Also during CRM Day at Skolkovo on 25 October 2016 Alexander Ragozin will present expert report “How to combine offline and online channels and to optimize marketing expenditure via CRM-programmatic tools”, as well as brief on 13 case studies “How to win a battle for clients — Brandtone transcontinental expertise”.

Brandtone is a leader in the field of online marketing, and one of the world’s best marketing agencies, its clients are international FMCG behemoths, such as Unilever, EFES, PepsiCo, etc. In Russia the company is represented by Brandtone Russia subdivision that carries out all marketing programs of Russian clients. General Director of Brandtone Russia is Alexander Ragozin.

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