mfms° increased efficiency of docflow management with Docs on bpm’online

About the company

mfms° has been working in information services market since 2005, helping businesses to develop omnichannel communications with the clients. The company was recognized as a leader in SMS-information services across Russia, according to figures from the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) and AdvancedCommunications&Media. It employs more than 100 people, and its coverage area is 200 countries.

The case

The demand for integrated electronic warehouse formation for the company’s contracts, as well as the approval process automation, has raised before mfms° management a question of a relevant decision choice in 2016. By that time the company’s docflow management was represented in the format of the contracts’ database maintenance in 1С system, file storage at the corporate resource, and documents approval by paper form.

Previously we needed to print and sign an approval sheet in addition to approval via e-mail, so the process was much longer. An initiator could become aware of approval or disapproval of the document with delay, – Anton Kochev, a leading expert in mfms° IT systems development, shares his memories.

The company’s core requirements to the future electronic document flow system were the following:

  • Opportunity to arrange the unified informational space for front office and back office (the solution powered by one of the existing platforms).
  • Location of all system components in the company’s closed network.
  • Easy user adaptation to the system operation, and user-friendly interface.
  • Reasonable product price, value-for-money ratio.

After considering the testing results of the electronic document flow system on the bpm’online platform, the company has decided to purchase this product. The system development was made by Samarasoft company, a qualified partner of bpm’online, as well as integrator and developer of bpm’online software.

The solution

Docflow automation system implementation in mfms° began in January 2017. The project included gathering and approval of requirements to the features, as well as approval processes modeling and development, user training and experimental system operation by employees of different departments. It was implemented by the customer’s efforts, and was finished in 3 months. By the end of March 2017, mfms° company has already switched over completely to electronic docflow.
The system has provided the unified database of contracts and related documents, as well as database of partners and contacts, which enabled quick and convenient information search, helping the specialists involved in approval process to make their job easier. For example, now all it takes is logging in the system to let the lawyers see the entire work scope connected to contracts, with the indication of the contractors and other essential data influencing task hierarchy.

Automation of contracts approval process has drastically reduced the staff’s time expenditures, as well as has massively improved transparency of the process itself, and has increased swiftness of the employees’ response to any changes in contracts. Currently, above 200 contracts pass through the system monthly.

Powerful capabilities of the system analytics help to obtain impersonal data on the employees’ workload. Thus, a lawyer handles about 200 tasks connected to the contracts monthly on average. A department manager can see all uncompleted activities, as well as number of activities of the department’s other employees, and can redistribute workload at the right time, or put needful questions in order to prevent a problematic situation.

The system has 100 percent satisfied our expectations, and even more, perhaps. Because we have managed to implement more tasks than we initially planned. The capabilities of the System and the platform have allowed us to automate our internal processes (for example, office managers’ work) by ourselves, and exactly in a way as we needed. I believe that the result is most satisfactory, – Anton Kochev, mfms°, says.