Product Description

Numerator for Creatio allows creation of record numbers at any Creatio section.

Use cases

In the context of large quantity of records at any section of the system, this product allows assigning numbers for elements much faster compared to manual input for each element. The system will automatically create a number in accordance with the preset pattern.



  • to choose a field where the assigned number will be shown;
  • to create a record number by using blocks with various value types;
  • to set value in a block by one of 7 numbering types;
  • to assign a number for a child record in accordance with the parent record;
  • to create number masks with due regard to the pre-configured symbol guide;
  • to view the result of number assignment without browsing to the section;
  • to fix several numeration principles at the same time;
  • to set different numeration principles for default records and the records conforming to a certain condition;
  • to specify a guide whose values will be the foundation of a nominal numeration.

Notes and limitations

Due to the settings, a number shall be generated after saving a record.


Support is provided in accordance with the technical support packages of Samarasoft company. Acquisition of the Technical Support Package is obligatory. In case of On-Site location of the solution, Samarasoft shall provide packages of new versions for free. The upgrade shall be performed by a client without assistance, or with the assistance of the developer on a paid basis. In case of Cloud location of the solution, the developer upgrades the client’s solution for free, though not ensuring the health of the project settings, if any.

Important notice: transfer of design modifications is not possible as part of free upgrade.

Product: All products powered by Creatio.
Product series: 7.12.2 and above.


Add-on module

Cloud/On-Site Subscription


per year

This pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law. Payment shall be made in rubles at commercial rate, relative to indicative prices in dollars.