Product Description

SMS Sender for Creatio is a module helping you to build full-fledged relationships with your customers by informing them immediately and with usage of the communication channel convenient to core audience. SMS sending is made directly from Creatio interface.


Bulk and trigger SMS messages

Enable you to do the following:

  • Add and segment audiences
  • Use SMS templates and macros
  • Use a sender’s short number / text number
  • Delay start of messaging
  • Track SMS receipt information (sent/delivered/undelivered) with delivery reports.
  • Leverage a wide range of facilities for trigger SMS sending
  • Use SMS messages as a part of complex marketing campaign
  • Use time zones


Transactional Messages:

  • Ability to set up SMS sending from any process in the system
  • Dedicated element in the process designer
  • Sending instant messages through a separate queue
  • Ability to use SMS message templates



Supported services

You can use any provider that supports the SMPP protocol.
The following services are pre-installed and tested:


Technical support is provided in accordance with the technical support packages of the company. In case of On-Site location of the solutions, Samarasoft shall provide packages of new versions for free. The upgrade is performed by a client independently or with the assistance of the developer on a paid basis. In case of Cloud location of the solutions, the developer upgrades the client’s solution for free, though not ensuring the health of the project settings, if any.

Important notice:  transfer of design modifications is not possible during free upgrade.

Compatibility with Creatio products

SMS Sender is an add-on to the Creatio, which expands its capabilities. To install the add-on you will need at least one license of Creatio. SMS Sender for Creatio is compatible with any product series Creatio 7.9 and above.


Cloud/On-Site Subscription


1 year


Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.