SQL Executor for Creatio

SQL Executor for Creatio (the SQL query console in the Creatio 7.X interface) is an auxiliary module for executing SQL scripts and samples from the Creatio interface.

This module is often useful when working with ondemand sites.


The SQL query console can only be used by system users who are authorized to perform the corresponding operation.

To configure the rights, you must go to the System Designer / Operation permissions,

choose an operation “Access to ‘SQL query console’ section” (code “CanUseSqlConsole”)

and add / remove rights for users and groups of users.

After configuring the rights to apply the changes, you must log off and log on again. A user who does not have access rights will receive the following message when trying to go to the section.

How to use

To open the SQL Executor for Creatio, go to the System designer

to SQL Console query console

At the top of the module is a text editor with SQL syntax highlighting. Run the SQL script by clicking on “EXECUTE” or by pressing “Ctrl + Enter”.

At the bottom of the window is the output area for the results of the samples (the results of the SELECT statements) with the ability to sort by columns. At the top, the number of affected records is written when executing the script (Insert / Update / Delete commands) – ROWS AFFECTED

If errors occur in the script, an error message will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

This product is provided “as is” ( “as is”), that is, in the condition in which it is present. Technical support and revision of this decision by the developer is not performed. Free access to this product, the user agrees to this condition.