Samarasoft provides two technical support packages: Basic and Business.



Cloud/On-site Subscription

% of subscription price

Included in the subscription price


Not less than $1500 for product with user license

Response time to a critical priority incident 4 work hours 1 work hour
Response time to incidents of

high, middle and low priority

8 work hours 4 work hours
Service Delivery Time

(UTC +04:00, Moscow)

08:30 – 17:30
(Mon. – Fri.)
08:30 – 17:30
(Mon. – Fri.)
Unlimited number of incidents
Advices on installing
Advices on functionality issues
Provision of new versions and critical patches
Access to personal account on Customer Success Portal at
Offline support (e-mail, Customer Success Portal, remote connections)
Online support (phone consultations)
Priority Management

Additional terms

  • The purchase of a support package is mandatory when purchasing software licenses / subscription
  • Only the client’s authorized contact person may get consultations
  • Technical support packages are purchased for at least one year for all products owned by the customer
  • A client must have one of the official versions of the Creatio product line
  • Upgrading means free provision of licenses for the upgrade version, and does not include any additional work
  • The price does not include taxes and fees (e.g. VAT) regulated by law

Technical support doesn’t provide advice on all other issues, including but not limited to:

  • user training
  • consulting on business software implementation
  • consultation on the creation of algorithms, models and data structures
  • advice on the work of other software products
  • advice on setting up a product in the specifics of the client’s infrastructure
  • advice on the technical implementation of our product

Classification of incidents by priority




The problem is a stop-factor for further testing or using the product. An error at the login page, an error while performing a business process step, if the process should be run daily.


The problem is associated with incorrect operation of a certain function unit. The sums are not recalculated while invoicing and making changes to quantity or prices of products.


The problem is associated with incorrect operation of a certain function unit, but there is a work-around solution for the problem that can be used temporarily. While creating an account upon action by virtue of agreement, payment details can’t be copied.


The problem is associated with an error that does not interfere with the system, but makes it uncomfortable to use. Name and location of fields, malfunction of entry mask of a current account or a phone number.