Task Control 2.0: task management in a few clicks

On December 22 Samarasoft has released a new version of software product Task Control on bpm’online platform, which is designed to automate performance discipline control.

The solution allows you to simplify tasking process and make it more transparent, and also to provide efficient performance control. The system’s ready-made analytics reports are enough for early detection of problematic situations; their quick solving gives to a manager the following bonuses:

  • balanced manpower load distribution
  • increase in speed and effectiveness of task performance
  • reduction of risks concerning breaches of time limits or late executive decision-making.

Task Control 2.0 is a renewed version of the product with a new convenient interface. Now all the necessary information on a task is in the foreground, and stage of task performance is highlighted, as well as number of clicks necessary for system operation has been reduced.

Gantt chart features have become available to users of the new version of Task Control. It allows them to analyze graphically the project workload, to plan and allocate resources with less time consumption.

The solution includes a set of configured reports that provides immediate and convenient analytics for the activities: number and percentage of delayed tasks, deadline extension statistics, current availability of employees, and more.

More detailed description of Task Control 2.0 you can find at Samarasoft’s website.

You can have a visual look at the system’s capabilities and put questions to the developer at webinar, which will take place on January 25 at 11:00 a.m. by Moscow time. Check out the latest news at our website.