Product Description

Task Control for bpm’online — a tool that improves the efficiency and ensures the transparency of the tasks execution.

You will always be aware of all incoming tasks, also you will be able to ensure timely execution of your orders,to obtain quickly the analytics implementation practices and to identify staff who don’t work well enough.


 Group tasks

Function role of a task performer can be assigned to either a single employee, or a group of persons, e.g. a department. This feature is essential for managers and saves their time.




Hierarchical structure of activities setting

Due to the possibility of forming group tasks and of setting of hierarchical structure of activities you will be able to decompose spatial blocks of work, thus reducing their performance time by attracting more resources.




Deadlines transfer history

Fixing the history of the execution postponement for each task, as well as of its escalation potential, allows to identify risks and to take measures for their elimination.



Group Tasks and working with deputy users

Feature of alternative execution of tasks by a group of employees, as well as automated operation with the deputy users in absence of the implementers, help you to avoid downtime and give you information about employment of a particular employee at any given time.


Informer for Windows

Informer for Windows app is designed for timely notification about new tasks and reminders for those tasks, the deadline for which expires. These opportunities are available even to users that are not in the system at the moment of notification.


Technical support is provided in accordance with the technical support packages of the company. In case of On-Site location of the solutions, Samarasoft shall provide packages of new versions for free. The upgrade is performed by a client independently or with the assistance of the developer on a paid basis. In case of Cloud location of the solutions, the developer upgrades the client’s solution for free, though not ensuring the health of the project settings, if any.

Important notice: transfer of design modifications is not possible during free upgrade.


Compatibility with bpm’online products

Task Control on bpm’online is an add-on to the bpm’online, which expands its capabilities. To install the add-on requires at least one license of bpm’online. Task Control on bpm’online is compatible with any product series bpm’online 7.4 and above





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