Task Control for bpm’online is a tool that improves the efficiency and ensures transparency of the tasks execution. The solution assists in quick and exact tasking and effective follow-up control. The system undertakes some functions of a manager, at the same time it helps each average employee of the company to manage his/her working time more efficiently.

Additionally the product’s two new modules – Gantt Chart and Change log for bpm’online – help to capture all changes, to analyze a certain employee’s workload, to plan and allocate resources. Current performance discipline analytics allows a manager to observe an aggregate picture of employees’ efficiency and labor efforts

Features of Task Control for bpm’online



Task assignment to a certain employee or a group of persons/functional roles

If it is not important for a manager who exactly will do the assigned task, the System allows creating activity for a group of persons, or for a functional role. Thus, when choosing a specific department, the activity will be created automatically for all the department’s employees, and someone will undertake it, depending on the workload.




Task control

While creating the activity, you may assign a Controller, who will examine if the actual task result agrees with the expectation. After having performed the actions connected to the activity, the employee shall send it for being controlled (by clicking the relevant status at progress bar). The Controller shall examine the task performance for correctness. If the task has been performed correctly, the System would terminate it. Otherwise, the performer would receive a notification, and the task would return to the performer for rework.




The modernized calendar for an employee or a functional role

There is an opportunity to create separate calendars for employees and functional roles. You can create a timetable in a calendar showing business hours, lunch break, public holidays and shortened working days. Due to this function, the System doesn’t allow assigning a task to an employee for his/her non-working hours.



Hierarchical structure of activities setting

Due to the possibility of forming group tasks and setting of hierarchical structure of activities, you can decompose spatial blocks of work, thus reducing their performance time by attracting more resources. Also the System allows cancelling automatically child activities upon completion of the parent activity, and vice versa.


Product description and primary tools

Taking a task by clicking the button only

To take an activity in operation, you shall only click “In progress” status at Progress bar.




Prohibition against creation a task retrospectively

Only real deadlines may be pointed out. It is impossible to create activities with start date prior to the current date.

Deadline prolongation upon request




The package includes pre-configured analytics for the following activities:

  • meeting of deadlines discipline (number of tasks overdue)
  • an employee’s current workload
  • number of tasks performed


Checkbox “Show closed”

This function allows you to see the closed activities, as well as activities in the following statuses: “New”, “In progress”, “Not started”. Thus, you can monitor the entire working process.

New activities page, “Expected result” field was added

Activities form’s interface is user-friendly and intuitive: Status Bar, “Expected result” field, “Close on child close” value.


Informer for Windows

Informer for Windows app is designed for timely notification about new tasks and reminders for the tasks with expiring deadline. These opportunities are available even to users, which are not in the system at the moment of notification.

Gantt chart

Gantt chart for bpm’online module is made for convenience of visual representation of activities data. With this tool, bpm’online users could analyze graphically their project workload, and also plan and allocate resources.


Change logging

Change log for bpm’online is an auxiliary module that allows capturing and holding data on any field changes in a user-friendly style, as well as allows you to clean up this log, if necessary. With this tool, the full change history of the relevant fields (for example, “Status”, “Owner”) will be saved at the form. It allows prompt identification of a change creator, as well as analyzing history of the System’s operations with records.


Technical support is provided in accordance with the technical support packages of the company. In case of On-Site location of the solution, Samarasoft shall provide packages of new versions for free. The upgrade is performed by a client independently or with the assistance of the developer on a paid basis. In case of On-Demand location of the solution, the developer upgrades the client’s solution for free, though not ensuring the health of the project settings, if any.

Important notice: transfer of design modifications is not possible as part of free upgrade.

Compatibility with bpm’online products

Task Control for bpm’online is an add-on to bpm’online CRM system, which expands its capabilities. To install the add-on, you will need at least one license of bpm’online. Task Control on bpm’online is compatible with any product series bpm’online 7.11 and above.


Add-on module

Cloud License


user / year

On-Site License


1 user

Pricing does not include taxes and fees (such as VAT) regulated by law.