Case study: VARTON automates sales process with bpm’online sales

VARTON is a leading manufacturer of led lights and a provider of lighting equipment in the Russian market. The company offers a wide range of lighting products to equip both residential and industrial premises.

Due to growth in scale of production, expansion of the sales department and creation of the Department of Territorial Representatives located in different regions on terms of ‘home office’, the opportunities for VARTON managers without a CRM system quickly turned out to be inadequate and ceased to meet the company’s requirements. It was decided to analyze the market of modern business products in order to find the best way out of the problem.

The main purpose of VARTON has become creation of a powerful unified system for its employees with full scope of functions necessary for operational work of sales managers. The company also needed an instrument of control over their work and creation of a comfortable single database of all potential customers around the world.

Among all CRM systems available on the market in 2016, the bpm’onlinesales team software was selected for the implementation of these tasks as the most optimal in terms of price / functionality and potential for further scaling for the whole company. Samarasoft were engaged in its implementation and development, as well as integration with the ERP software.

The project began in October 2016. One of the challenges was adapting the bpm’online platform interface to the sales managers needs, so that the managers were able to easily and quickly navigate the system.

To support full interaction between bpm’online and ERP 1C, integration of the two systems was carried out by using ready module for BPM’online —  1C Connector by Samarasoft.

We have improved the standard mechanism for selecting products so that sales managers quickly formalized their transactions in CRM.

Since the system employs more than 30 managers from different regions, the access rights were adjusted to protect against information leakage and to make usage of the system easy and convenient throughout the country

Samarasoft project team has always found a way out of difficult situations that arose in the process of implementation of the project. They were always willing to do all they can and even more for successful completion of the project. I also want to mention that the guys have offered many solutions to problems and, if we weren’t satisfied with, they were trying out new options until we found the best. Ready to say that the next project we’re going to do with Samarasoft” — commented Sergey Zhigunov, the head of the regional Department of the Russian group of companies, VARTON.

In addition to its own sales department, VARTON has a wide partner network throughout Russia and in other countries. Therefore, the next task is full automation of VARTON’s enrollment partners and their subsequent implementation through the self-service portal that is created on the bpm’online platform.

Later it is planned to automate the work of service engineers and marketing personnel. All partners and customers requests will be considered by service engineers in a single system.